Farm & Agriculture

Intercity Insurance has developed a package program specifically for Farms. Recognizing the special exposures involved with these operations, our program is comprised of the following components:

  • Dwelling and Personal Possessions
  • Farm Outbuildings (Barns, Arenas, Feed & Equipment Storage Buildings etc.)
  • Farm Equipment (Machinery, Implements, Tools etc.)
  • Produce and Supplies (Hay, Feed, Bedding etc.)
  • Tack and Related Equipment
  • Horses and other Livestock (Cattle, Sheep etc.)
  • Liability for both Personal and Commercial Activities on and off the Farm
  • Legal Liability for the care, custody and control of non-owned animals (boarders)

This program is designed to be inclusive of all your insurable exposures to loss. (This description is a summary / highlight which is intended to assist in your understanding of this coverage. Policy wordings vary from one insurer to another and should be consulted. Intercity Insurance is available to provide you with a full and detailed explanation. We can determine if this program applies in your situation.)

For further coverage details, applications, and reference items: