Intercity OEF


For those that work with us, you know that we strongly support the work that OE does in programming and their advocacy for recreational and competitive equine enthusiasts. The simple fact is, that all equine industry participants benefit from the work that OE does.

Reasons to join OE:

  1. Resources – Connect to industry leaders in education, business, news and research

  2. Industry-leading insurance coverage for all OE members:

    o $5,000,000 Personal Liability Insurance
    o $30,000 Principal Sum Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

    o $10,000 Members Named Perils Horse Mortality
    o $2,500 Emergency Life Saving Surgery – $250 Deductible
    o $50,000 AD&D Principal Sum
    o $10,000 Tack and Horse Equipment Coverage
    o $10,000,000 Out-of-Province Travel Health Insurance
    o NCCP Certified Coaching Insurance

  3. Programs – Participate in Provincial and National programs for recreational and competitive members


If you agree that OE is right for you- join today!


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OE can be reached at 1-877-441-7112 or at:
Thank you for your continued support.